Friday, September 26, 2003 -- Letters to the Editor

Expect sales tax increase on ballot in ‘04
Proposed ½-cent hike would fund transit projects in L.A. County

Daily News Readers Reply to our OpEd Piece:
Supports tax increase
Re " Expect sales tax increase on ballot in '04" (Their Opinions, Sept. 23):

The proposed sales tax increase for transit and road improvements has my support. Let's face it, driving our congested freeways is no fun, and we desperately need to invest in transportation infrastructure. Who knows when the needed funds will be available in Sacramento?

The proposed tax would be 10 cents on a $20 meal, or $100 on a $20,000 automobile purchase. The value received will be permanent infrastructure. It will, for example, enable North Hollywood residents to take comfortable rail rapid transit to jobs in Culver City or Santa Monica on weekdays, or to the beach on weekends. Good news for users of the 101, 10 and 405 freeways.

--Andrew Shaddock
Manhattan Beach

Valley benefits

"Expect sales tax increase on ballot in '04" (Their Opinions, Sept. 23) was lacking only in how many benefits there are to the San Fernando Valley. In particular, the critical north-south Valley Rapidways that will link to the future east-west Valley Rapidway (currently under construction) will be funded by SB 314.

Furthermore, the 405 freeway's HOV (car-pool) lanes funded by SB 314 will be an excellent way for Valley residents to access the Westside, LAX and the rest of the county. Finally, resuming the decades-overdue L.A. subway system to Fairfax not only allows Valley residents more access to the Westside, it restores hope for those of us who want a Ventura Boulevard subway to be built within our lifetimes.

--Kenneth S. Alpern
President - The Transit Coalition

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