Editorial: Monday, Nov. 29, 2004

Busway politics: MTA's slanted study parallels COST's skewed view

Citizens Organized for Smart Transit -- the group that's fighting to block completion of the San Fernando Valley busway -- charges that the MTA's environmental impact report is skewed to make the busway look good.

You don't say!

Is COST really surprised that, having already signed off on the busway and far along in building it, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority would conclude that the project is a good idea?

The outcome was inevitable. That's what makes COST's lawsuit to block construction, pending a new EIR, so pointless. All it did was delay progress and waste taxpayers' money.

But that's all COST really wanted. The group is no more interested in a balanced study than is the MTA. COST wants to stop the busway any way it can, while the MTA wants to push forward on the most realistic, most popular plan possible for relieving Valley traffic congestion.

Both sides have an agenda, but at least the MTA's serves the public good.

(11-26-2004) COST rails against new MTA study - Busway report slanted?
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