Saturday, December 11, 2004

Woodley should reopen this week
By Lisa Mascaro - Staff Writer

VAN NUYS -- Woodley Avenue south of Victory Boulevard will remain closed for another week as MTA crews rebuild the intersection for the Orange Line busway, officials said.

The shut-down has been a hardship for commuters faced with detours and long waits during morning and evening rush hours.

Herb Meyer has been stuck in backed-up traffic for as long as an hour during his commute between North Hills and Huntington Beach with his Boeing van pool.

"After two hours on the freeway ... it's very frustrating and so tiring," Meyer said.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is required to upgrade intersections across the Orange Line, the $330 million busway being built from North Hollywood to Warner Center that's scheduled to open next summer.

The MTA decided to close the whole intersection rather than keep one lane open in each direction, as has been done in most areas along the route, to finish what would have been a months-long job, said MTA spokesman Ed Scannell.

Crews are now working seven days a week and, after setbacks from last weekend's rain, the intersection is now on track to re-open Thursday night or Friday morning, he said.

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