Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Bus line extension
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Re "Just shelve it" (Your Opinions, Dec. 27)

Responding to Dana Gabbard, regarding the Orange Line extension to Burbank Airport, Burbank Airport operates seven days a week, 16 hours a day as would the Orange Line extension. The Burbank bus uses a different route and runs only on weekday peak hours. An extended Orange Line will use city streets just like the Woodland Hills end of the Orange Line and the MTA Rapid buses all over the region. NIMBYs? So far the only objection to the project has come from Gabbard.

This project would link an airport, a Metrolink and Amtrak station and the Red Line subway with the south and southwestern San Fernando Valley. It's one low-cost solution to our mobility problems. It joins up existing systems. It's the sort of solution we need.

Paul Dyson
Burbank Transportation Commission

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