Letters: Thursday, December 30, 2004

Re: "Report: Public demands downtown iconic architecture"
(December 22, 2004)

Urban renewal here should focus on recycling - not on disposal and destruction. For true urban renewal of this area, officials should emphasize activating and reusing the ground floors of the courthouse and County Administration Building with cafes, delis, produce stands, newsstands, bookstores and public art installations, so that people will use these activities to strengthen the urban fabric that they are trying to produce on Grand Avenue.

Utilize the entrance steps on the two county buildings to double as entry portals and casual places for pedestrians to sit and think. The public officials who sit on this committee should consider getting down and dirty and suggest adding a 1-to-9 work period to the traditional 9-to-5, not only to enliven these buildings in this Civic Center but also to provide flexibility and productivity in basic services.

Jerard Wright
Los Angeles

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