Letter: Thursday, December 30, 2004

Likes light rail line along Lincoln Blvd.

December 24, 2004

The Argonaut
P.O. Box 11209
Marina Del Rey, CA 90295-7209

To the Editor:

Regarding the proposal by Los Angeles Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski for a new Community design overlay district on Lincoln Boulevard in Venice:

I am indeed grateful to read about Miscikowski's support of a coordinated approach to land use and urban planning along Lincoln Boulevard.

Such an effort matches her support of the Lincoln Corridor Task Force, which has completed its first phase of studies on the transportation problems of Lincoln Boulevard.

The findings of the Task Force support the idea of a light rail line as the most successful way of improving mobility along Lincoln Boulevard--twice the number of people moved per day as currently exists--versus a dedicated bus lane system that only enhances mobility by ten percent.

A light rail is also the most expensive solution, but--like the future Expo Line from Downtown L.A. to Santa Monica--it is well worth the wait.

Only a major project like a light rail line that connects the future Expo Line in Santa Monica to the current Green Line near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) can bring the funding needed to truly reconfigure Lincoln Boulevard for the 21st century.

Venice residents have responded strongly in favor of exploring a rail project for Lincoln Boulevard and I look forward to both a pedestrian-friendly as well as a transportation-friendly design overlay district that will set the groundwork for the next big light rail project for the Westside after the Expo Line reaches Downtown Santa Monica.

Kenneth S. Alpern
President, The Transit Coalition

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