eMail: Sunday, January 23, 2005

PenTrans Action Update - Pennsylvania Transit Coalition

If you see public transportation as important to you, your business, the economy or the well-being of Pennsylvania, here is a promising new opportunity to move toward adequate dedicated funding for Pennsylvania public transportation. At the initiative of labor leaders, broad spectrum of labor, business organizations and advocacy groups - a total of sixty at last count - have come together as the Pennsylvania Transit Coalition, This coalition seeks to achieve one objective - and one objective only:

Get our Pennsylvania government - the Governor and legislators from both sides of the aisle - to come up with a funding solution now - before transit agencies across the state are forced to enact drastic service cuts and fare increases.

PenTrans asks you to look at and see how you and your organization might help with this new statewide campaign. The coalition has two basic activities:

  1. Encourage communities all over the state to appeal to their Harrisburg representatives for dedicated public transportation funding.

  2. Encourage groups all over the state to mobilize for a public transportation funding rally Monday, Feb. 14 in Harrisburg. Many busloads from all over the state are expected.

How can you get involved?

  1. Mobilize community leaders and transit riders in your community to write, fax and phone their legislators.

  2. Help those same folks to go to Harrisburg Feb. 14 and represent your community interests.

  3. Endorse the Coalition.

For more information contact PenTrans or the Pennsylvania Transit Coalition.

Peter Javsicas
PenTrans Exec. Dir.
215 205-8157

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