May 11, 2005

URGENT ALERT: Span-of-Service Hours Cuts Hit Metro Rail Users

Metro's latest secret
In an attempt to balance the MTA budget, MTA staff is quietly proposing to reduce span-of-service hours on the Metro Red, Gold and Green lines by an hour (the last hour of the night) on each line.

Eliminating the last three trips on the Red Line between Union Station and Wilshire/Western, for example, amounts to cutting hours on the rail network which will impact people who will not be able to get home from their jobs late at night.

Below the radar screen
This service cut does not have to go through the public hearing process because it does not meet the legal requirement that triggers a hearing.

The Transit Coalition is strongly opposed to taking service away from the the rail network because of the negative impact on people who are trying to get to/from home/work at that hour of the evening.

Your action is needed now to prevent this Rail Service Removal Plan from happening. Please call and/or write to the MTA Board of Directors and tell them that you oppose the taking away the last hour of service from the rail network.

Print out Fliers to pass out to save Rail Service (Click here)

Click here for link to e-mail each MTA board member.
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