March 10, 2002
Friends of the Red Line Meeting
Meeting called to order at 3:20 pm
I. Introductions
Roger, Evan, Sesar, Mike, Ken, Larry, Bart and Daniel
II. New Business

Wilshire Rapid Busline- 16 million dollars a year for 55 buses, 88 bus at 28
million dollars (CNG ) Buses

Next Step Evolution rail line

Next for years MTA probably talk about Bus Line instead of rail line.

Hollywood/Highland Academy Awards want to shut down rail station.
Action- put out letter to oppose this action.
Letter to state who gets hurts,or effected by this, send out info to Mayor
Hahn, MTA, Board of Chief, CEO Of MTA.
Academy is private and public transit should not be closed down.

March 23, 2002 Up in San Fran Summit
Bay Area Trans+Land Use Coalition
Summit "Last Chance for Smart Growth"

Item 10-Planning +Conservation League Ballot Measure

Nov 2002
1/3 of Tax money for Car tax goes toward mass trans
1. reallocation of existing
2. Expo-line
3. 800 million a year

Larry -suggested a sin-tax for liquor, cigs, porn, or increase sin-tax
Ken A.-Prop 42 Reallocation -didnt raise taxes

Item 9-Legislative Agenda.
Meeting already with some congressman/senators
60% of project costs ois covered by the Fed Govt
TEA 21
Set up meeting with Berman, Sherman, McKeon
Sherman wanted to meet with us.
Many of these Congress people support rail in many areas.
Talk to LA rep's as a united front, to get more action on rail.
Follow Model of Cal Train between San Jose and San Fran.

Item 8- Next Meeting April 7th 2002
Look for other location-next meeting?

Item 7- Non-profit status
Option A- Program of theTransit Coalition
Option B- Stand alone non-profit

Agree to stand alone, on our own.

Item 5- Need for Tunnels
Steve Sample- Prop A might want to try to overturn Zev's law.
Tunnel under or near USC also push hard for downtown connector

Item 4- Zev's Law, Robbin's Law

Zev's law-info can be pulled up on Zev's website.
Robbin's law- Rail EIR supercede Robbin's law after 1990
Law 108 -Bus to rail
Ken stated that the effort to overturn Zev's Law might be a dead issue.
Valley Busway- 100 million dollars for a north to south route
Chandler or Burbank

Item 6 Mission Statement

Mission Statement draft and return next meeting
Look it over and return it.

Item 11-Vision
Rewrite and return, look it over

Meeting ended at 4:20pm

Minutes by Sesar Carreno