Friends of the Red Line

2nd meeting

Meeting called to order at 2:37 pm at Aroma building near Wilshire Blvd.

Item 1 Introductions

Item 2 New Business

Next Expo Meeting Tuesday April 23rd ,2002
Ken- passed out flyers for Tuesday 4/9/2002 Mar Vista group "Westside Forum"
Bart- Sen. Feinstein no doing a good job with transit issues, set up meeting
with her office.

Item 3- Consumer Issues
1. Trains should run longer, not stop for track grinding, maybe 24/7
2. Trains dont run effectively in regards to switching
3. Gerald Franc (UPRR) came from Omaha, St Louis, Dallas areas before
coming here. While there those systems ran well.
Bart met with him, and so did Evan. Evan stated meeting went well.
4. Michael-focus and direct it- a Consumer Action Plan-
We as a group were going to develop this action plan. to include shuttles,
metro links, and other items of importance. Maybe 4 to 5 pages long to
serve as a community relations document.
5. Matt Raymond 2 weeks at (MTA)from RTD Denver, now marketing guy.
Watsonville has route at all their stops.
6. Donald Bliss (BRU) ??
Rotation of riders often, not really overcrowding. Customer service
experience for drivers. Leap frogging-Driver behavior
7. Consent Decree is a problem.
Solution taken care of air quality. Maybe task force.

Item 4
We had open door at County Council-Lengthy discussioin with head of council
for about an hour 15 minutes.
-Overturn Zev's law-USC President in favor of it, Barrio Planners thinking
about overturning Zev's law. Maybe contribute money for ballot measure. USC
says many need tunnel for itself.

Item 6 -Mission -


Item 8 -Nexting Meeting-
May 12, 2002 Aroma Building

Item 9-TEA 21-
Series of meetings
1. Ed Rodriguez
2. Ana Lewis Riser

Item 10 -Petition-

Item 12 -speaker_
Next meeting have speaker either Gerald Francis or Dave Cublek, maybe Matt

Item 13 Website

Evan updating it . He is now our webmaster for Friends4 redline group, and
friends of the greenline.

Meeting ended at about 4:20 p.m.