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Subject: RUN FORUM / BOARD MEETING - 1/8/05

Representing Rail Passengers’ Interests into the Future
P.O. Box 9373, Saint Louis, Missouri 63117

Dear Run Board Members and Friends

A brief note to bring you up to date regarding our upcoming Board Meeting. RUN’s next Rail Forum / Board Meeting will be held at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s headquarters in New York City (347 Madison Ave) Saturday, January 8 from 1 - 5 pm. Besides regular business items that need to be addressed if we are to truly grow as a national organization, the meeting will provide a forum for two outstanding rail passenger officials. James Dermody, the President of the Long Island Railroad, will be on hand at 2 pm to talk about the company’s expansion plans as well as other new initiatives to create an even more customer friendly commuter railroad. Amtrak’s new Chief of Operations Planning, Ralph Von Demhagen, has also agreed to speak before the group at 3 pm. His talk will focus on the recent schedule changes in long distance service and Amtrak’s plans for the future. The agenda includes:

1. Introductions / brief updates regarding rail advocacy/customer advisory committee work across the nation. 30 minutes

2. Treasurer’s report 5 minutes

3. Evaluation of the Los Angeles forum - a strategy for
replicating in other parts of the country during the
coming year. 25 minutes

4. James Dermody, President of the Long Island
Railroad 60 minutes

5. Ralph Von Demhagen, Amtrak’s Chief of Operations
Planning 60 minutes

6. Membership renewal update 10 minutes

7. Board member recruitment 10 minutes

8. Newsletter (evaluation of Winter issue, articles for
Spring 2005 issue) 15 minutes

9. Planning Committee for 2005-2006 Winter 10 minutes
Conference ?

10. Date/place for next meeting 5 minutes

Please try to attend the meeting if at all possible in person. We need a large turn out. If your planning to attend via phone let me know what number to call. I look forward to seeing or talking to you in the New Year -on the 8th of January. In the meantime, stay warm, healthy and be sure to enjoy the upcoming holidays.

All the best,

Richard Rudolph, Chair

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