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MTA Board Members Information can be found at  Friends 4 Expo Transit.

Friends 4 Expo Transit - Links

These links are to our friends that support The Transit Coalition. None of these organizations are part of The Transit Coalition Umbrella.

Friends 4 Expo Transit has a comprehensive Link page. To avoid duplication of these links, The Transit Coalition links to Friends 4 Expo Transit Website"Links" page. Anyway, (Click here) for more links.

Operation Lifesaver

Operation Lifesaver is a national, nonprofit education and awareness program dedicated to ending tragic collisions, fatalities and injuries at highway-rail grade crossings and on railroad rights of way. (Click here) for more information.

California Operation Lifesaver

California Operation Lifesaver. (Click here) for more information.
Caltrans Rail Safety Program. (Click here) for more information.

Transportation Organizations

Amtrak (Click Here)
Amtrak California (Click Here)
Antelope Valley Transit Authority (Click here)
California High-Speed Rail Authority (Click here)
Caltrans - District 7 - Los Angeles and Ventura Counties (Click here)
Caltrans - District 8 - Riverside and San Bernardino Counties (Click here)
Caltrans - District 11 - San Diego and Imperial Counties (Click here)
Caltrans - District 12 - Orange County (Click here)
Exposition Metro Line Construction Authority - EXPO JPA (Click here)
Federal Railroad Administration (Click here)
LACMTA - Service Sectors (Click here)
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority - LACMTA (Click here)
Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority - Gold Line JPA (Click here)
Metrolink - Southern California Regional Rail Authority (Click here)
North San Diego County Transit District - NCTD (Click here)
Orange County Transportation Authority - OCTA (Click here)
Port of Los Angeles Waterfront Red Car Line (Click here)
Riverside County Transportation Commission (Click here)
SANBAG - San Bernardino Associated Governments (Click here)
SANDAG - San Diego's Regional Planning Agency (Click here)
Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (Click here)
Santa Clarita Transit - City Operated (Click here)
SBCCOG - South Bay Cities Council Of Governments (Click here)
SCAG - Southern California Association of Governments (Click here)
Ventura County Transportation Commission (Click here)
Waterfront Red Car Line - San Pedro, CA (Click here)
Urban Rail.Net (Click here)

Advocacy Organizations

Bus Riders Union - BRU (Click here)
Growth Options for the 21st Century (Click here)
Light Rail Now! - Light Rail Progress (Click here)
Metro Silver Line (Click here)
Metro Yellow Line (Click here)
Orangeline Development Authority - MagLev (Click here) (Click here)
San Fernando Valley Transit Insider (Click here)
Southern California Transit Advocates (Click here)
The WELL-TRACK Project - New Zealand (Click here)

Historical Rail Sites

Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California (Click here)
Orange Empire Railway Museum (Click here)
Tours in a Bygone Era: Electric Railways of Los Angeles - Tom Wetzel (Click here)

Other Informative Sites

ALSTOM | Transport (Click here)
California Operation Lifesaver (Click here)
Local (Los Angeles Region) Transit Information - Geo. McCalip (Click here)
Los Angeles - A World Class City (Click here)
Los Angeles Almanac (Click here)
MetroRiderLA Blog (Click here)
Operation Lifesaver (Click here)
Roger Rudick Transit Commentaries - 89.3 KPCC Public Radio (Click here)
U.S. Heavy Rail Transit System Links (Click here)

The Transit Coalition is not affiliated with any public entity or private organization.