Before 2006 News

Saturday, December 31, 2005
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(12-30-2005) Orange Line Eases A.M. Rush on 101    LAT
(12-29-2005) MTA alters bargaining strategy    DN
(12-28-2005) Transit Union Board OKs Deal    LAT
(12-28-2005) New York Transit Union OKs Tentative Deal    TWP
(12-28-2005) A New Emphasis on Rail to Dulles    TWP
(12-24-2005) Fast Track to Dulles Rail    TWP
(12-22-2005) Proposal Likely to Speed Up Dulles Rail    TWP
(12-21-2005) Airports Authority Might Adopt Dulles Rail Project    TWP
(10-19/20-2005) Status 2006 LACMTA Long Range Transit Plans - Cover Letter  Presentation    MTA

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

(12-27-2005) Just shelve it - re "Airport-busway link proposed" Letters PDF   DN
(12-26-2005) Bettering the busway - Extension to Bob Hope Airport a worthy idea    DN
(12-25-2005) Santa Comes Through Rain, Snow, Transit Strike    LAT
(12-24-2005) El Monte hopes to join the trend of building housing/retail around transportation hubs.    LAT
(12-22-2005) Deal Approved Ending NY Transit Walkout; Talks Continue    LAT
(12-21-2005) 'Illegal' Transit Strike Puts New Yorkers Out in the Cold    LAT

Sunday, December 25, 2005
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(12-25-2005) L.A's mass transit system is on a roll Letters   LAT
(12-25-2005) Let the MTA decide / Shameless arrogance Letters   DN

Friday, December 23, 2005
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(12-23-2005) Some green for the Red Line Editorial   LAT
(12-22-2005) Airport-busway link proposed (scroll to bottom for map)   DN
(12-22-2005) Builders, unions want tax hike for infrastructure   DN
(12-22-2005) Union willing to end walkout in NYC   DN
(12-22-2005) Strike turns some commuters into telecommuters   DN
(12-22-2005) Palmdale Regional Airport is again facing the prospect of being without an airline   DN
(12-21-2005) Sole Carrier at Palmdale to Quit   LAT
(01-23-2005) How to get to Southland airports without a car   LAT

Wednesday, December 21, 2005
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(12-21-2005) Crime in L.A. Drops for 3rd Year in a Row   LAT
(12-20-2005) Short on road money, states use tech to unsnarl traffic   USA
(12-17-2005) Route for New Tollway Goes Through D.C., Sacramento   LAT
(12-17-2005) In a Reversal, Waxman Backs Westside Subway   LAT
(12-17-2005) MTA Adds New Bus Lines   LAT
(12-17-2005) OCTA Lists Measure M Project Plans   LAT
(12-17-2005) Coming to Affluent Areas Near You: More Sidewalk Ads  (430K - 1 photo)   LAT
(12-16-2005) 3 L.A. County Rail Projects Move Ahead   LAT
(12-16-2005) Bill may revive Wilshire subway   DN
(12-16-2005) MTA approves Exposition train   DN
(12-12-2005) Tracking rail - MTA, USC at odds on rail plank   DN

(12-16-2005) From Waxman website (Home - Press release - Methane Report)

Sunday, November 27, 2005
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(11-27/28-2005) Monorail trains collide - Seattle (982K - 12 photos)   SEAT
(11-19-2005) Experts: Turn Metrolink into regional rail network   AVP

Sunday, October 2, 2005
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(10-02-2005) You can't ride a study - Los Angeles Downtown Regional Connector Editorial   LAT
(10-02-2005) Chamber 'State of the City' address turns out to be a State of Bill Rosendahl address   TA
(09-27-2005) SOLUTIONS TO WESTSIDE GRIDLOCK by Harold L. Katz   TTC
(09-24-2005) Solution to congestion is public transportation - Letters - Ken Alpern   LAT
(08-31-2005) New MTA Orange Line to run from NoHo to Warner Center by Kevin Grenon   DS

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
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(07-20-2005) 'Calmed' Roads Led to a Storm - COLUMN ONE (re: Cheviot Hills, CA)    LAT

Thursday, May 12, 2005
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(05-12-2005) Going Nowhere Really Fast - MagLev Editorial   LAT
(05-12-2005) MTA to End Some Midnight Runs   (htm) LAT
(05-12-2005) Governor's traffic fund reversal is applauded   DB
(05-12-2005) Torrance rejects MAX bus service's proposed budget   DB
(05-11-2005) League of CA Cities' Response Governor's Fully Proposition 42 (Transportation Funding)   TTC
(05-12-2005) Gov. Scraps $1.3-Billion Transit Cut    LAT
(05-11-2005) Airport Project Has Baggage - Long Beach Airport    LAT
(05-10-2005) Fewer Trains Mean More Traffic Headaches - Letter    LAT
(05-12-2005) Angelenos ride trains in Paris - why not here? - By A. Dennis Lytton - Guest Columnist   DN
(05-12-2005) Traffic remedy revived - Arnold wants to restore $1.3 billion to projects   DN
(05-11-2005) Metrolink's weekday rider stats at record   SGVT
(05-12-2005) Group says Metrolink monument anti-U.S.   DN
(05-10-2005) Monument draws fire (Metrolink)   SGVT
(05-11-2005) Gridlock capital - MTA needs a real transportation strategy - Opinion   DN
(05-11-2005) Now's not the time to deter mass transit   PSN
(05-11-2005) Former Mayor Proposes Santa Monica County   SMM
(05-11-2005) URGENT ALERT: Span-of-Service Hours Cuts Hit Metro Rail Users   (htm) TTC

Tuesday, May 10, 2005
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(05-10-2005) L.A., Senate Defies White House on Highway Bill - AOL News   TTC
(05-09-2005) Gridlock Driving Up Wasted Time -   TTC
(05-01-2005) The Shape of the Future - Bacon's Rebellion   TTC
(05-10-2005) A New Track for the Pacific Electric   LADN
(05-10-2005) Congested roads' costs remain steep   OCR
(05-10-2005) L.A. Traffic Moving a Bit Faster   LAT
(05-10-2005) We're still No. 1 in traffic time   DN
(05-10-2005) Proposal raised for bus-fare hike   DN
(05-10-2005) On the route of a booming railway's past - The Sam Merrill Trail   LAT
(05-10-2005) Letter To The Editor - Fewer Trains Mean More Traffic Headaches   LAT
(05-09-2005) Area's drivers locked in place   WDN
(05-09-2005) Fare increase somewhat eased (Foothill Transit)   WDN

Monday, May 9, 2005
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(05-09-2005) L.A., S.F. Lead Nation in Rush-Hour Delays   LAT
(05-09-2005) Trains take the slow, scenic way - Kansas City Star   TTC
(05-09-2005) High-Speed Train Plan May Move Forward   LAT
(05-09-2005) Rail Workers' Post-Crash Actions Appall Japanese   LAT
(05-08-2005) Revenue Up, Governor to Reverse Cuts   LAT
(05-08-2005) Fans Track the Old and the New at Fullerton Rail Festival   LAT
(05-08-2005) High-and-Dry Areas Vie for 'Inland Ports'   LAT
(05-08-2005) Fashioning new homes from downtown relics   LAT
(05-06-2005) MTA to Increase Times Between Trains   LAT
(05-09-2005) L.A. gridlock still worst in nation   DN
(05-08-2005) Traffic taking its toll   DN
(05-06-2005) MTA avoids fare hike in 2005-06 by making cuts - Layoffs set; routes to be trimmed   DN
(04-29-2005) MTA votes $640 million to light rail line   DN
(03-07-2005) The San Fernando Valley - Stats - POPULATION: 1,354,957   DN

Thursday, May 5, 2005
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(04-27-2005) Bipartisan Amtrak Funding Legislation Approved By U.S. House Transportation Committee   TTC
(04-27-2005) US House committee approves money for Amtrak   RKN
(05-05-2005) Rising gas prices fuel Metrolink’s popularity - Train offers riders solace   IVDB

Tuesday, May 3, 2005
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(04-30-2005) Night train from L.A. apparently won't fly  IVDB
(05-02-2005) The Race for Mayor Is Turning Inside Out   LAT
(05-02-2005) Metrolink Cites Cost, Weighs Fare Hike   LAT
(05-02-2005) Rivals Traffic in Ideas for Relieving Congestion   LAT
(05-02-2005) More Progress Made in Effort for Downtown Trolley   LADN
(05-02-2005) Expo Light Rail Funded   LADN
(05-02-2005) The Black Shroud Around Angels Flight   LADN
(04-28-2005) Metro Approves Exposition Light Rail Transit Project Funding Plan   MTA
(04-28-2005) Paying on the Highway to Get Out of First Gear   NYT
(04-26-2005) Keeping Amtrak Going   NYT
(04-25-2005) Metrolink's PROPOSED FARE ADJUSTMENT - JULY 1, 2005 (1.2M Presentation)   ML
(05-01-2005) Bob Hope business booming - Passenger traffic rises 7 percent in the first quarter   DN
(05-03-2005) South Bay Yesterday: Local freeway plans ran out of gas   DB
(04-29-2005) Exposition Light Rail Approved   ABC7
(05-01-2005) Transit Alliance (Denver Colorado) On the Move - May 2005 Newsletter   TTC
(04-24-2005) Bus Riders track advocates over future of L.A. transit   DN

Monday, April 25, 2005
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(04-27-2005) Exposition Light Rail Full Funding Plan; ANTONIO R. VILLARAIGOSA   TTC
(04-25-2005) Train Rams Into Building in Japan; 56 Die    LAT
(04-25-2005) PROFILE | NORM MINETA - What Moves Him? Cars, Trucks, Trains and Planes   LAT
(04-25-2005) Buses in the Rear-View Mirror - Editorial   LAT
(04-24-2005) Acela, Built to Be Rail's Savior, Bedevils Amtrak at Every Turn   NYT

Sunday, April 24, 2005
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(04-24-2005) Over the Long Haul, Fatigue Kills    LAT
(04-24-2005) THINKING OUT LOUD / TRAFFIC - A Free Flow of Ideas to Ease L.A. Travel   LAT
(04-23-2005) LETTERS - Streetwise Transit Travelers - Thinking Out Loud -- TRAFFIC   LAT
(04-20-2005) Suit Alleges Bay Area Transit Agency Runs an 'Unequal' System   LAT
(04-18-2005) Greyhound Cuts Mean Fewer Stops on Its Route   LAT
(04-15-2005) MTA Ordered to Expand Its Fleet of Rapid Buses   LAT
(04-20-2005) Silbiger to Negotiate on MTA Light Rail   LAI
(04-23-2005) Cities' spheres would split Las Lomas project in two   DN
(04-20-2005) Mayoral hopefuls back more buses   DN
(04-20-2005) Las Lomas project - Letter   DN

Sunday, April 17, 2005

(04-17-2005) Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles Traffic - Opinions    LAT
(04-14-2005) Metro Marks Earth Day by Taking Delivery of 2,000th Clean Air Transit Bus   (PDF file) MTA

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

(04-13-2005) L.A. needs mayor to drive transit (PDF file)   DB

Monday, January 31, 2005

(01-27-2005) Safety of system's 443 crossings discussed   VCS

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

(01-26-2005) 'It was a complete nightmare' — passengers describe derailment   USA
(01-26-2005) Commuter trains derail in Calif.   USA
(01-26-2005) Man Faces Charges in Metrolink Collision   LAT
(01-26-2005) Survivor: 'We Were Walking Around Like Zombies'   LAT
(01-26-2005) Suicide by Train Is a Growing Concern   LAT
(01-26-2005) Fatalities up to 11   DN
(01-26-2005) Costco employees fight flames, pull mangled from wreck   DN

Sunday, January 23, 2005

(01-23-2005) PenTrans Action Update - Pennsylvania Transit Coalition   TTC
(01-22-2005) Outside Auditors to Review MTA Project   LAT
(01-22-2005) Train crew comes to aid of man injured on tracks   TTC
(01-03-2005) Rolling out cuts to curb a shortfall   DN
(12-31-2004) Officials Suggest Transit to Rose Bowl   LAT
(12-31-2004) HOV privilege elusive for owners of hybrids   DN
(12-31-2004) Orange Line construction under way   DN
(12-30-2004) Re: "Report: Public demands downtown iconic architecture" - Letter   LAT
(12-30-2004) Tip of the sprawl - Editorial   DN

Saturday, January 22, 2005

(01-20-2005) Community Council ..., Exposition Blvd. light rail   TA
(01-20-2005) $3 billion San Gabriel Mountains toll tunnel urged   DN
(01-20-2005) Freeway could hit Huntington   LAT
(01-19-2005) Schwarzenegger's Budget Falls Short   LAT
(01-19-2005) Rail Traffic Disruptions Could Threaten Economy   LAT
(01-19-2005) Piden más autobuses y nuevas líneas - Spanish   HOY
(01-19-2005) Review of Possible Metro Bus Service Changes Public Hearing - Wed. March 2, 2005   MTA

Thursday, January 20, 2005

(01-20-2005) MTA Panel OKs Proposal to Expand 710 Freeway   LAT

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

(01-17-2005) Storms Expose Vulnerabilities of L.A.’s Traffic System   LABJ
(01-18-2005) Latest BRU Federal Consent Decree Filing   BRU
(01-18-2005) Cancelarán líneas de buses en el Valle - Spanish   HOY
(01-16-2005) Burbank to consider new shuttles   DN
(01-16-2005) Bus line changes spark debate   DN

Friday, January 14, 2005

(01-11-2005) State Budget - Legislative Brief   MTA

Sunday, January 9, 2005

(01-08-2005) Conventioneers boost monorail receipts   LVRJ
(12-14-2004) Seeking balance in commuter lots   PN

Friday, January 7, 2005

(01-07-2005) As Hybrid Cars Multiply, So Do Carpooling Gripes   TWP
(12-18-2004) Gold Line Noise Relief Is on Track   LAT
(09-29-2004) Council Backs Expansion of the Red Line   LAT

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

(01-04-2005) Officials fight raids of road funds   DN
(01-04-2005) El Segundo Sues Over LAX Plan   LAT
(01-02-2005) Las Vegas Freeway Project Triggers Environmental Challenge   LAT
(12-28-2004) 6 Inland Cities See a Path on Red Car Route   LAT
(12-18-2004) City readies new shuttle program   LAT
(10-17-2004) Hailing the rails of New York   LAT

Sunday, January 2, 2005

(01-02-2005) 2005 Rose Parade - Once Again, No Rain on This Parade   LAT
(01-02-2005) Taxes for transit? (NYC)   NYDN
(12-31-2004) Ban on subway photos a study in foolishness (NY-MTA)   NYDN

Saturday, January 1, 2005

(12-30-2004) Likes light rail line along Lincoln Blvd.   TA

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

(12-27-2004) Mass transit could save business travelers big bucks   USA
(12-27-2004) How to get around crazy cities   USA
(12-27-2004) Six cities that make transit easy, cheap   USA

Thursday, December 23, 2004

(12-23-2004) LA Residents Support Red Line Expansion   TTC
(12-23-2004) Supervisors list reasons they will sue on LAX plan and its EIR   TA
(12-23-2004) Venice: Councilwoman Miscikowski wants new design overlay district for Lincoln Boulevard   TA

Pre December 22, 2004 Additions

(12-14-2004) News briefs from Southern California   SJMN
(12-12-2004) Busway squeeze   DN
(12-11-2004) MTA Puts the Brakes on the 'Nanny Express'   LAT
(12-11-2004) On Track or Off the Rails?   LAT
(12-11-2004) Woodley should reopen this week   DN
(12-08-2004) Reyes Is Named to MTA Board   LAT
(12-08-2004) Council OKs LAX master plan - County moves toward legal action to block city   DN
(12-06-2004) Developer, City Agree on Plan To Fund Staples Hotel Project   LABJ
(12-06-2004) Major Mixed-Use Project Planned for Pantages Area   LABJ
(12-04-2004) Westward Ho [Light Rail to Santa Monica]   LAT
(12-01-2004) Santa Monica Still On Track For Light Rail   SMM
(12-01-2004) MagLev slips down the agenda   RGI
(11-30-2004) More lanes for bridge - Low bids mean extra funding   DN
(11-29-2004) Busway politics: MTA's slanted study parallels COST's skewed view - Editorial   DN
(11-28-2004) Speeding trains are nothing new   PSN
(11-26-2004) COST rails against new MTA study - Busway report slanted?   DN
(11-25-2004) Culver Citizens Object To MTA Plan   CCO
(11-25-2004) Bus riders don't want to play musical chairs - Opinion   SGVT
(11-23-2004) Light rail in Santa Monica gains steam   SMDP
(11-19-2004) Senators Request Study of Rail Safety in Whittier Area   LAT
(11-18-2004) Costs may clear out California's coastal areas   USA
(11-12-2004) Train Terror - An NBC4 Special Report   NBC4
(11-11-2004) City Getting on Track with Transit System (LA-Palmdale Orangeline MagLev Study)   SCS
(11-11-2004) New technology puts ODU’s MagLev in line for test runs   HR/PO
(11-09-2004) Americans Discover Charms Of Living Near Mass Transit (PDF file 0.83M)   USA
(10-27-2004) Traffic efforts stalled   DN
(10-27-2004) Efforts to ease gridlock failing    PSN
(10-26-2004) One track Line   PW
(10-15-2004) Metro Raises Technology Bar with Super-Sized Metro Liner   MTA
(10-10-2004) It's Not Just a Train Trip - It's a State of Mind   LAT
(06-15-2004) Big growth in Metrolink plan   OCR
(06-05-2004) MagLev train hits bumps with station demolition   HR/PO
(06-01-2004) Special report: The MagLev Mess   HR/PO
(04-17-2004) MagLev project ready to roll again at ODU   HR/PO
(04-13-2004) Shanghai MagLev track sinks slightly   CD
(12-12-2003) ODU's MagLev problems raising red flags   HR/PO
(10-01-2003) Bill offers fix for funding delayed transit projects   TTC
(09-26-2003) Expect sales tax increase on ballot in ‘04 - Letters   DN
(09-23-2003) Expect sales tax increase on ballot in ‘04 - OpEd   DN
(10-08-2002) Time for subway to link to Wilshire Boulevard   DN
(10-02-2002) MTA Subway Plan Faces Many Hurdles   LAT