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Increases Energy EfficiencyIncreases Energy Efficiency:

Oil is poised to reach $100 a barrel in the near future as supplies dwindle and demand from emerging economies increases. With "peak oil" a certainty, energy-efficient modes of transport will be necessary to maintain a healthy economic climate. By increasing the frequency of Metrolink, we increase the efficiency of Metrolink. Metrolink MAX achieves this by moving passengers with less fuel than what would be required with a private automobile, on a per-mile basis. Riding Metrolink yields direct fuel savings.

Improves Air QualityImproves Air Quality:

Air pollution continues to affect the health of Southern California residents. Metrolink MAX can give reliable rail transit options to the auto driver. This in turn allows drivers to leave their cars at the station (or at home if they use existing public transit), which results in less pollution.

Enhances Transit NetworkEnhances Transit Network:

Increased frequency and efficiency mean "schedule flexibility" for more and more riders. Look at the early estimates for the Metro Orange Line. Initially, Metro hoped for 5,000 riders a day on buses that arrived every eight minutes, a new concept for Metro buses. Orange Line ridership -- after only three years -- is more than 23,000 a day.

Allows Airport RegionalizationAllows Airport Regionalization:

The Ventura County line already serves Bob Hope Airport. The Antelope Valley line comes close to, but does not directly serve, LA/Palmdale Airport. Two Metrolink lines come around LA/Ontario International Airport. Frequent Metrolink service would give residents the ability to take planes at other airports and relieve LAX.

Increases Freeway CapacityIncreases Freeway Capacity:

Imagine removing more than 100,000 car trips a day from a long distance morning commute. Add to that another 100,000 car trips removed from long distance return trips. That's a lot of air pollution (including global warming greenhouse gases) removed from the backyards of our communities. With Metrolink MAX, every community and every city will benefit. It can be a reality.

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