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Corridor Needs

What railway improvements are necessary to bring frequent Metrolink Service? Various capital and operating improvements must be performed before Metrolink trains can come every 30 minutes:

  • Hire and train additional operating crews
  • Add a second track to the Ventura County line between Chatsworth and Van Nuys
  • Add additional sidings to the Antelope Valley Line between Sun Valley and Santa Clarita
  • Increase capacity on tracks between Los Angeles and Fullerton owned by Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.
  • Complete the "sealed corridors" program, where grade crossings are improved to increase safety and decrease train-auto collisions
  • Build grade separations at major street crossings, where necessary
  • Provide mitigation especially where tracks run near residential areas
  • Build L.A. Union Station Run-Through Tracks, which would allow through service

    As improvements gradually come, Metrolink can incrementally increase service by reaching the following milestones:

  • Add reverse commute service to the Antelope Valley Line
  • Increase midday service to hourly headways
  • Add weekend service to the Ventura County Line
  • Add late night service to the Antelope Valley, Ventura County, San Bernardino and Orange County Lines
  • Increase weekend service to hourly headways
  • Increase all-day service to 30-minute headways
  • Combine 4 existing lines to 2 lines and reduce transfers: Chatsworth-Laguna Niguel, San Bernardino-Palmdale
  • Introduce service from Union Station to LAX and the South Bay via the Metro-owned Harbor Subdivision
  • Combine LAX/South Bay line with remaining Riverside Metrolink Line to form through service
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