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Old and new Metrolink locomotives parked.Since its inception in 1992, Metrolink has provided commuters a regional alternative to freeway traffic and long drives to work. Today, The Transit Coalition works to improve existing service and is mobilizing to increase service regionwide with the Metrolink MAX campaign.

Action Items

The Transit Coalition is asking people interested in increasing Metrolink service to write to Metro Board members, either by filling out one of three cards or by writing to a Board member directly.




Past Statements

September 2008: The Transit Coalition and TRAC members and all our associates in the rail advocacy community offer our condolences, prayers and best wishes to the injured survivors, their families and the families of the deceased. No words can describe your feelings, just know that we are thinking of you and are deeply sympathetic. Transit Coalition and TRAC members will continue to work for better and safer passenger rail options for California.

Other Items


  • Metrolink - The official website of Metrolink
  • Metrolink MAX - A campaign to drastically increase Metrolink service throughout Southern California

The Transit Coalition is not affiliated with any public entity or private organization.
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